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In the press : featured in Cotswold Style

Savvy design specialists Completion make their debut in the Cotswolds.

Launching its business base in the Cotswolds, interior and space design specialist Completion is now in Cheltenham, working with clients to achieve their vision for stylish homes and businesses through a personal design service and an innovative approach to internal spaces.

Partners Gilly Foulds and Adrienne Miles-Kenwright work with clients and their lifestyle timetable, managing the project from start to finish around their individual circumstances and providing them with beautiful, stylish spaces the client can enjoy with their family and friends away from their place of work. Completion assists through the whole creative process from translating a client’s brief into a design concept, and from liaising with architects, managing builders, electricians and decorators to sourcing furniture, soft furnishings, whether bespoke or retail.

The service offered also includes project management, undertaking the full site and financial management, planning applications and organisation of third parties from trades and suppliers to structural engineers and surveyors. With invaluable experience of the industry, Completion can also oversee all building regulation requirements on a client’s behalf.

Established in London 13 years ago, Completion was founded by Gilly in 1999 after an early career as an artist and teacher of art. Her background in art history and textile design led her to applying her talent to creating timeless elegant interiors. Adrienne studied architecture at Oxford Brookes and spent many years working on a private property portfolio, joining Completion in 2010 as a partner. Both Adrienne and Gilly decided to move to Cheltenham and locate the main business base here.

Re-locating their families to take advantage of the town’s fantastic schools, countryside and sense of community whilst retaining their business presence in London, they are now able to keep up to sped with all the exciting new designs coming out of the capital whist surrounded by Cheltenham’s impressive architecture, keeping the work fresh whilst providing something a bit different to both markets.

The company operates via one of their contemporary conversions within a traditional home in Cheltenham which showcases the service and vision offered to clients. Typically, Completion manages five large projects a year in which Gilly and Adrienne assist through the whole process.

The company has a strong ethos in personal service and believes in building strong relationships with both clients and local tradespeople. This enables the smooth management of projects and the ability to provide a top class service.

“Understanding a client’s needs and dreams for their space and translating it into reality, is an intimate process requiring no small amount of listening and building of trust alongside the expected creative and practical skills,” says Gilly. “It is the ability to forge such relationships that has enabled us to deliver our projects so successfully; relationships which often extend beyond the initial commission.”

Having built a solid business with both depth and breadth of experience and a loyal client base, the time is now right for the company to enjoy being based in such a prestigious town.

Homestyle: Business Profile, "Watch this Space" Cotswold Style - August 2011. 

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