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We are an interior design and interior architecture studio based in Cheltenham and covering the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire
and London.
Founded in 1999, we pride ourselves on offering a creative design service which is personally tailored to our clients and their homes.


We specialise in remodelling and renovating and have worked on a wide variety of projects from contemporary new builds through to characterful listed buildings. 

At at the heart of our service lies a passion for creating timeless, elegant interiors that are practical and sympathetic to both the property and clients lifestyle. 

Good interior design is a very personal experience and we believe that establishing an honest and professional relationship is key. This enables us to understand and translate a client's needs and dreams for their space and deliver projects successfully.

Gilly Foulds:

Gilly founded Completion in 1999 after a successful early career as an artist and teacher of art. Her background in art history and textile design led her to apply her talent for creating timeless elegant interiors for herself and close friends.  The combination of talent and passion coupled with the success of her projects led her to re-train as an interior designer and she now applies her time fully to design and project manage beautiful interiors for clients in Gloucestershire and throughout London.

Amanda Fisher:

Amanda began her career in the design industry by studying Spatial Design at Falmouth University where she specialised in remodelling buildings. On completion of her degree, she went on to begin working within interior design in Cheltenham and has now accomplished many projects of various scales and styles. She joined Gilly in 2014 to continue her passion for creating spaces which are both functional and attractive. 

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