Releasing the full potential of your home and adjusting it to work around your lifestyle can sometimes require renovation or major construction, otherwise known as interior architecture. Completion can show you how the structure and floor plans of your home can be changed to make it truly work for your living requirements. We cover all the elements of a build, from spacial planning, working with local authorities and other professionals to project management of construction and bespoke finishes.

Poké & Yoh Kiosk

This was an unusual project for a client who was opening a pop-up food kiosk in a Cheltenham shopping arcade. Having designed the sister restaurant, Kibou Sushi we designed and and built this Japanese-Hawaiian inspired venue. Made from bamboo and with tree-inspired structure, we had bespoke fabric printed for the seating and it was decorated by a local artist. The ceiling was then decorated with numerous painted disks in order to make it striking from the upper walkways of the arcade.